9 thoughts on “What Kind of Children Are We Leaving For This World

  1. Thanks for the shou tout! All good insights. The world definitely is in need of change, and change starts within the soul of every individual! We’ve all got a sacred responsibility from on High to do what we can with what we’ve been given to make a positive impact in the lives of others. When we do that, the world can truly be beautiful! 🙂

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  2. Penny Starcher

    You are soo right. I see the evidence of this every day. My kids would rather play on any electronic device than go out side and use their imagination to actually physically play. Many of their parents are not very active either. I pray for them to realize what they’re really doing to their children.

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  3. Wonderful post, Rob! We are raising entitled beings who will be overcome by the world because they are so ill-equipped to overcome. My grandchildren’s favorite moan is “I can’t deal…” and Grammy’s response is “Yes you can and you will because you must!” The old landmarks have been removed and there is no solution but to repent and work hard to restore them.

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      1. No, I missed that one. I’ll look for it. Thank you for caring about my river…they are doing lots of tests of the soil and river bottom and fighting over who will pay for the clean-up. It is the long term results in diseases like cancer that concern me the most. Erin Brokovitch was here this week. This is energy producing country where government regulations have destroyed the economy in the last few years so, there is also, the suspicion of many that the spill was purposeful in ensuring the creation of more Federal jobs to clean it up Gold King mine is a super-fund project that was near completion when the spill occurred. Now, they are talking about building a huge project to filter the water and that is why people are suspicious. It’s a super complicated issue. Water is gold in the SW and you know how people behave when it comes to gold.:0/

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