New, forgotten, unknown 8/21/15 – New music Friday

Have some new musician friends this week I will give a shout out to. I enjoy listening to the new music. Hope you enjoy also.

Please feel free to share and/or purchase our song at the bottom.

Thanks for the follows.

That Girl Is Wrong For You by Craig Greenberg – 

Who Says by Karyn Williams – 

Stef Step Away by Geeztown – 

Last by Adam Searan – 

I’m Alive by Neely – 

Heavy by Mojave Nomads – 

The Magic Mama Band – an old friend from high school is in this band, Mark Ward – 

Fruity by DLS Beats – 

also check out a fellow songwriters page:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

Now on i tunes :

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