New, forgotten, unknown 7/31/15 – New music Friday

A few more new musician followers this week to give a shout out to. Think if this keeps up I might have to start doing two of these a week. Thanks for the follows. Don’t forget to check out our song on the bottom and feel free to share it.

Tate Olsen- cellist for Skillet – 

Raised By A Good Time by Steven Lee Olsen- 

Never Walk Away by Sleep Signals – 

Transformed by Survivor Q – 

Star in Your Car by Genny Sokoli – 

No Distance by Those Among Us – 

When You’re Not Looking by Alyssa Mae – 

Good People by Silvertrain – 

Let’s Make It Last by Michael Danielson – 

Rise Up by Cenacle – 

Final Seconds by Lord (Andy Dowling) – 

Call My Name by Melancholic Metamorphosis – 

Our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

Now on i tunes :

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