New, forgotten, unknown 7/16/15 – New music Friday – Special Edition on Thursday

Wait a minute, it’s only Thursday. I wanted to take today and tomorrow just to give a shout out to some of my followers who are musicians. Some I have heard of before but most I have not and I have enjoyed listening to them.  (Of course I had to be able to find you on youtube to post you)

One Step Away by Free Reign – lead singer Marc Colombo and drummer Cory Proctor  from my Dallas Cowboys 

Yesterdays Gone by Matt Franklin Band – 

We Should Get Together by Kelly Vaughn – 

We All Fall Down by Never Forsaken – 

Not Gonna Not Do Nothin by J.R. Byrd – 

Sinners Prayer by Richard Thomas – 

The Change by As We Are – 

Be The Change by Shuree Rivera – 

Chelseys Boyfriend by Maddie Wilson – 

Help Me Stand Strong by Daniel George – 

Smile by Sheri Chaffin – 

You Stand Alone by Johanna J – 

Here I Am by Circle of Faith –  

So I Can Climb by Patrizia Dilorenzo – 

He Died For Me by Pascoal Noronha – 

and don’t forget to share our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

now on itunes :

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