I Question You – The Finished Song

Here is the official, last  version, mastered, edited, mixed etc version of the song.

I need help and prayers though.

When I do something, I usually go big. I want the best results. I want to be faster each race I run. I want the world to read my blogs, listen to my music, but what does God want?

We are not putting it on itunes yet because we are praying on where we should go. Ceylon Wise, who produced, mixed and mastered the song, is taking a leap of faith and starting his own record label. We could sign with him, which means the rest of our songs would get recorded without any out of pocket expense from us. He would get more royalties since he is taking the chance of recording the EP, which really doesn’t bother us any. We are wanting to get the music out there to have an affect on peoples lives and have the songs touch people. If we sign with him, he wants to get rest of EP done then release the song on itunes.

Answer to our prayers right?

So what’s the problem?

I feel like I want to get the song out to bigger labels and see what happens. Everyone that has heard the song and Lily’s voice is telling me it is good and she should be on the radio.

Is this what God wants though?

It would be exciting to be with a start up label and maybe be one of the founding artists that helps it grow. It would be exciting to be heard on the radio and be on a big label, if God leads us that way, but would we get lost in the shuffle.

Speak to me God, I will wait and listen. Lead me in the way you want us to go. Lead us to what will glorify your name the most. Lead us to what will touch someones life.

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

8 thoughts on “I Question You – The Finished Song

  1. I finally am on free wifi and have my headset on! So was able to listen to this song. The lyrics are so relatable (I commented on YouTube as well.) The pictures blended perfectly and Lily’s voice is amazing! So where are you now with this?

    I’d love to see a counter balance, as I know this is how so many of us are! One of my co-workers had a gorgeous daughter, the baby of 4. She was so popular and well-loved by everyone. Isn’t this the way it goes. I met her and her big sister once when her sister was going to do some community work on a project for me. I was so in awe of both sisters, but the younger one stole my heart. She was 16 at the time and just so mature. Here is a bit about her battle and a link to Lindsey’s (dying) WISH:
    “Lindsey Hammortree was first diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer in May 2010. After a two-year brave and gallant fight, this precious and cherished 18-year old finally succumbed to this insidious disease.”
    So when she was first diagnosed, knowing there was no cure and really no hope, her response has stayed with me and your song made me think of her, as well as another family who just received the same news for the patriarch of the 27 member family…..
    Lindsey said, “Why not me?”
    Met this beautiful young lady and I pray she may inspire you: http://www.championforchildren.org/portfolio-item/lindseys-wish/

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