New, forgotten, unknown 6/12/15 – New music Friday

In trying to keep the music relevant to the posts, I am not being able to get some artists out there that I think should be heard.  I came up with new music Friday, give all of you all weekend to listen. I will try to to have one song from country, christian, pop, rock, r&b and gospel. Sometimes there may be two from one category and sometimes there may not be any from a category. Keep in mind these are new, forgotten and unknown songs/ artists that I am just now discovering or remembering. They could be very popular.

God, Girls, and Football by Mitch Rossell 

Never Back Down by Nine Lashes – 

Hurricane by Misterwives – 

Angel by Angels Fall – 

Blackbird by Noni – 

God Looks Good On You by Canton Jones – 

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