Christmas Without You

I made a batch of Christmas cookies

From some of your old recipes

The smell of them brought back memories

But they didn’t taste the same

I put up the tree and strung the lights

With every ornament hung I cried

Decorating the tree was your favorite night

But the lights didn’t shine the same

I watched It’s A Wonderful Life

I might’ve even watched it twice

But you weren’t there by my side

And Bedford Falls wasn’t the same

We sat around the dinner table

Talked about the baby born in a stable

I laughed and smiled as much as I was able

But my smile didn’t feel the same

I said my goodbyes and drove back home

Tried to listen to more Christmas songs

For a minute I felt like I wasn’t so alone

I knew Christmas would never be the same

Surrounded by family and friends

I didn’t think it would be this hard to pretend

I can’t wait for this day to end

Christmas just isn’t the same

Maybe next year I’ll be better

Maybe I’ll laugh at the ugly Christmas sweaters

Maybe I will enjoy the cold, snowy weather

Yes, Christmas will go on but it will never be the same

Christmas To Me by Jamie O’Neal –


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