Sunday Conversations

Back in June, I made a visit to Nashville to have a demo made of a song I wrote. I really liked how it turned out and everyone that has heard it likes it.

Unfortunately, I have tried pitching and plugging it to several people in the industry and have been told it is not good enough. I have had responses from too emotional, not emotional enough, too personal, not deep enough, etc etc.

Which I am fine with, everyone has their opinion but I have had strangers listen to the song and cry. I have had strangers tell me, thank you for that, I have to call my mom and dad.

Maybe something will still happen with it, maybe it won’t. But either way I am happy how it turned out and had a good experience going to Nashville and learning how this works.

This song is a demo and is available for someone to pick up so if anyone knows anyone who might know someone, feel free to share.

Or if you just like it and want to share it and maybe the more views I get, it will get noticed.

Let me know your thoughts.

Tomorrow, I will share another song that I reached out to an artist in Canada over Facebook and she agreed to do it.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Conversations

  1. I really like it. I have heard a lot of country music…my husband and son like it…so I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur. Good job. I know it is tough to make it in the music field. I wish I knew someone to hook you up with!

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    1. Thank you. Not technically. I wrote the words and could hear how I wanted it to sound in my head so I kind of hummed it for them and they took it from there. It’s pretty close to how I wanted it to sound.

      On a side note, I do own the rights to all of it so if you know of any sync opportunities for tv or movies, it is available.

      Maybe it would do better in a crucial scene than on the radio.

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    Oh, Robert, this touched my heart and I cried too. I’m at an age where my children are all grown and have kids of their own, To say I miss them from time to time is an understatement. We don’t have time enough to share with family anymore. It’s sad to have to wait until those we love are gone before they are appreciated even for words unsaid. Beautiful song. Don’t give up on it. Someone out there will love it too.

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