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When the leaves are falling

And the steps of death are calling

Remember me like the beauty in the changing colors of leaves

Remember where I’ll be because of what I believe

When the cold winter winds blow

Think of the spring when things start to grow

When you see the branches bare

Remember that a part of me is always there

In the heat of summer when the days seem to last forever

When you see the beauty in a sunset remember my love leaves you never

When the snow is on the ground

And life can’t be found

Remember me in the new colors of spring

In the red, gold, yellow leaves fall brings

This season of mourning will pass

Just like the years have gone fast

The nights I slept little to feed you in the middle of the night

The nights you couldn’t sleep because of fright

The nights I stayed up late

Waiting until you came home from a date

The days you said you hated me

The days we agreed to disagree

The times I should’ve listened instead of yelled

The times I let you go when I should of held

All of them made us who we are

All moments shared under the same stars

My love for you has no bounds

But it doesn’t compare to God’s love found

When you need someone to hold your hand

Think of me and that’s where I am

When you need someone to wipe a tear

Know that I am always near

When you see the beauty of this world

You will always be my little girl

This is goodbye but it’s not the end

When the leaves fall remember when

When the cold wind blows

That’s just me pulling you close

When you feel the suns rays warming your bones

That’ll be me calling you from home

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