If We Didn’t Have Truck Drivers

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I apologize for not reading as many posts as I usually do or by writing much but the holidays are a busy time in the trucking industry.

Some of you may know I run operations for a trucking company and the holidays are always the worst time of year for me.  Customers want their loads picked up and delivered, while drivers want to take time, extended time in a lot of cases, and 1 + 1 does not equal 2.  But, I love my job.  It is like putting a puzzle together every day, just hope I do not lose a piece of the puzzle.

In honor of all those drivers that are out there working hard, being away from family, long, irregular hours, delivering at 0200 one day and 1400 the next, I wanted to post this article I read.

Thank a truck driver, a delivery driver today because without them, our nation would shutdown.

One Month without Trucks

Within the first 12 hours

  • Fuel becomes scarce
  • Manufacturing delays an product component shortages
  • Hospitals and nursing homes begin to run out of food and medical supplies
  • U.S. mail and other package delivery services come to a halt

Within 1 day

  • Fuel availability will decrease, which leads to skyrocketing prices and long lines at the gas station
  • Manufacturing comes to a halt and thousands are out of work
  • Food shortages start to develop

Within 2 to 3 days

  • Gas stations are completely out of fuel
  • Without fuel, police, fire, rescue, and other public service vehicles are unable to perform duties, which further endangers public safety
  • Container ships and rail transport is disrupted and comes to a standstill
  • Food shortages escalate, leading to consumer panic and hoarding
  • Essential supplies – such as bottled water, canned meat, and powdered milk – will disappear at major retailers
  • Garbage starts to pile up, which creates breeding grounds for insects and bacteria
  • Medical waste and hazardous material start to release toxins and infectious diseases into living environments
  • ATMs run out of cash and banks are unable to process transactions

Within a week of trucks no longer operating

  • Automobile travel will come to a full halt
  • Hospitals start to lack oxygen supplies

Within 2 weeks

  • Sources of clean water run dry

Within 4 weeks

  • The clean water supply is exhausted and water will only be safe for consumption after boiling
  • The number of gastrointestinal illnesses increases due to lack of clean water, which further exhausts the already weakened health care system

Image result for thank a truck driver"

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