I Am Still Here

What a crazy few weeks.

We went on vacation to Florida to see Kim’s parents. We go there every spring break. It was beautiful weather, sunny and 80’s everyday. I wrote a few years ago about Kim’s mom was starting to have signs of Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately we noticed this time that her short term memory has become really bad. If you can, say some prayers for her please.

Then I go back to work and it was a mess. It took me three days to get things back in normal, if there is a normal he trucking industry, and get trucks back to running and being where they should be.

Then just when things were getting back to normal, one person I work with needed a day off so I took their work on Friday. Then Monday of the next week another person needed off so I took their work on. Then Thursday and Friday of that week another person had surgery and was out so I took their work on.

Now we are into this week And I am just trying to breathe. I am trying to start reading other’s posts and starting to write some myself. I actually have maybe 7-8 stories done or almost done so I will be getting some new material out soon.

Oh yeah, so during all that busyness, I had an iTunes update and it erased all my music and playlists. So I have been trying to get that back, with no luck. If anyone knows how to go back to where I was please let me know. I have looked online and it seems like this happens often but I try to follow what they say to do and nothing works.

My wife Kim just ran the Boston Marathon for the third time Monday. It was miserable weather. I will write another post on it.

Until next time…

Happy spring, winter, spring, winter, ….

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