I Know I Am Not The Only One

I don’t get on Facebook often,  too much other stuff going on, so I don’t keep up with other peoples lives. I wish I had time sometimes, I miss some of my old friends but I have come to the conclusion a long time ago that it is what it is. Anyhow, I do try to get on and wish a happy birthday to those with a birthday on whatever day, sorry for the ones I miss.  The other day, as I was wishing a few happy birthdays to people I went to school with, I caught how old they were. I started thinking, man, these guys are getting old.     Come on, confession time, how many others have thought that?

I know I am not the only one.

But then I realized I am that old also.  No way.  I know I am not twenty-something but no way am I almost 50.  But yes, here I am turning 48 this summer.  How did that happen?

That makes my mom almost 60 – again.  Love you mom.  Now you see why I am her favorite. Sorry brother, it is what it is.

So how did this happen?   I blinked, that’s how.  I mean, wasn’t Christmas just like three weeks ago and now all of a sudden it’s almost spring.  At least in Ohio it is.  A few 60 degree days,  a few blue jays flying around the yard, you can feel the mood switching to spring.

I blinked.  We have three grandchildren, a daughter that’s married, a daughter that’s graduated from college and working full-time.  We have a daughter that I was just changing her diapers the other day and in a year and half, she will be in high school.

What the heck?

Well, to all you young ones that can’t wait,   wait.  Enjoy today because you will blink one day and it will be twenty years later.

And to all of us not so old old people,  we have a few years left to kick this world in the butt and tell it we were here.

Live today like it is your last.

Wonder by Eden – 

Don’t Blink by Kenny Chesney – 

If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickleback – 



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