The Traveler 

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I am the traveler. I have searched high and low to find what is missing in my life. I have traveled by boat, car and plane. I have traveled by foot, bus and train.

I have climbed to the top of Mt. Everest. I have looked in wonder at the Dead Sea.  I have hiked across the Sahara Desert. I have swam in the seven oceans. I have seen the beauty of the white snow in Antarctica. I have seen the lush lands of the Amazon Rainforest.  I have seen the majestic Great Wall Of China.

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Still, I searched. Nothing filled the emptiness inside of me. Nothing cured me. What was I missing?

It was December and I decided to travel back home and start again. Find a new plan. Search for a new land where I can find me.

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That’s when the strangest things happened.

On the plane back to home a child told me about a baby born in a manger. My connecting flight was delayed and that is when a woman told me about the life of a man named Jesus.

When I landed I had to take a train to my city. On that train a man told me about the crucifixion of Jesus and how he was raised from the grave.  He told me about forgiveness of our sins, His grace, and how much he loves us all.

I was in deep thought about all these conversations as I walked to my house. I connected the dots as I looked at all the lights and decorations. Christmas. Jesus had to come to earth to be born in a manger. He had to be like you and me to share in our pain and suffering yet to still give us joy, forgiveness, and love. He had to die to fulfill God’s promise.

If we believe in him then we will have eternal life in Heaven. If we believe in him then he is in us and that is what I was searching for.  That is what I was missing.

After all my travels I found what I was missing and it was right with me the entire time.

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Now I travel again. Back to the places I was searching before. This time I bring Jesus with me. I bring his words and give them to everyone who has never heard them before. With the help of God, I will spread the news of his love, his forgiveness, his grace to the world.

I am the traveler.  It all started with a journey many years ago to a tiny town called Bethlehem. It all started with a baby born in a manger.

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