Kylie Is Moving Up


For those of you forty and older, how many just hummed the Jefferson’s theme song?


I can’t believe how fast this school year went.  I can’t believe our baby girl is now in middle school.  One thing I do believe is that she will succeed. I don’t know what it is about her but I see something.  A calmness maybe. A natural leader maybe. For someone who is so quiet,  when she gets on the field she is a leader. Telling the other players where they should be and what they should be doing. Her teachers tell us she always takes time to help her classmates that are struggling.  Her coaches, church teachers  and school  teachers comment on how compassionate she is and that she is a born leader. Others follow her and look to her.


I have talked to her about that and told her with that comes a big responsibility and pressure. However, she can’t live with the fear that she can never mess up.  Everyone makes mistakes and a leader admits when they make a mistake, apologize, and move on. Get back on track.  As long as she is living for God first and puts Him first, it doesn’t matter what others say about you.


As her teacher said in the 5th grade ceremony, he is releasing a bunch of guppies, who are just now starting to turn into fish, into a world of sharks and whales. Sharks with big, sharp teeth. He knows these fish that he is releasing will swim, and they will continue to swim and they will survive. I think it would be so hard to be a 5th grade teacher. Every year, you are releasing your students to the next phase of their life, most you will never see again.


Kylie’s school has a 5th grade clap-out the last day. All the parents gather outside and form a tunnel and all the younger students line the hallways inside the school. Then the 5th graders go through for their final goodbyes.  Yes, it is emotional.  You know you have an awesome school  when the students come out to We Will Rock You by Queen.


That was all on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday we had the church graduation move up. Now Kylie and her classmates move up to the middle school service.  We now will go to the 0900 service instead of the 1030. Our church has an awesome space for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Middle school kids go to 0900 service and high schoolers go to 1030. I don’t know if I have seen another church with a space for kids like we do. Not that I have seen a lot of churches but..


We went to Innis Woods Park for a picnic celebration. I wish more of the kids could have made it. We had dinner, some playing, some talking.


We then had a ceremony where they crossed the bridge. Crossed the bridge from this part of their life to the next. It was beautiful and also emotional.


We are proud of Kylie and the person she is.  God has molded her in a special way. Maybe I am a little biased but when other parents tell you the same thing then… We can’t wait for the next phase of her life to begin and to watch her grow into the young lady she is becoming.


I, of course, can’t wait until she is the first female quarterback and leads the Dallas Cowboys to the 2027 Super Bowl Championship, as a rookie. It’s good to have dreams and that is hers.

She has big dreams and an even bigger heart. You  know God is working in her and we have done a decent job of raising her so far when she says that this song should be the song all 5th graders should listen to and follow as they get older. It should be the 5th grade theme song.

Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw –



16 thoughts on “Kylie Is Moving Up

  1. These are the bittersweet moments of parent. Sweet, because your child is growing and fulfilling God’s plans for her; bitter because the older the grow, the closer they are to moving away from home.

    Congrats to your girl & congrats to you and your wife for your efforts to raise her right!

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  2. marijo1245

    What a joy and a blessing! What a proud set of parents! I will join you in prayer for your baby girl.

    May God strengthen her and mold her into His image. And may He give you both wisdom and understanding as she grows into a young lady after Christ’s heart.

    God is the author of dreams…I hope to see her on that field someday!! Blessing to you and your family!!

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