The Day After


We get married. We have a beautiful wedding and reception, usually an overly expensive one. We have a wonderful honeymoon. We are living the fairy tale. We then wake up in our new lives together. The day after we realize how much in-debt we are in our married life.

We celebrate birthdays with new gifts and toys. We often buy or get things we want but not what we need. The day after they are pushed aside or forgotten about.

We give thanks at Thanksgiving for all we are thankful for. The day after we go fight people for the last item on the shelf. The day after we drive ourselves insane for Black Friday sales. The day after we sleep less and shop more to get more things we could do without.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. We go to church on Christmas Eve, for some of us the only time we go all year.  We open presents and have family dinners. Do we remember why?  The day after we take back gifts others lost sleep to get us. The day after we take a deep breathe and are glad it’s over. Do we remember the reason for Christmas the day after ?

There was a time when a man named Jesus walked this earth and performed miracles. He let the blind see and the lame walk.  He raised the dead to life, He walked on water. But yet the day after, many forgot and did not believe what they just witnessed.

I know many times in my life I will feel God’s presence and I will feel like I am on top of the world. But then the day after I choose my sinful ways again.

One day Jesus will come back. The end of times will be here and there will be no day after on this earth. Will you take the time to know Jesus today, to spread the good news of his life and what He has done in your life so that you will know where you will be the day after?

Where will you be the day after?

The Day After Thanksgiving by Brandon Heath – 

The Day After Christmas by Matthew West – 

Bring It On by Kutless – 

After The Music Stops by Lecrae – 

People Get Ready by Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart version – 

Day After Day by Kristian Stanfill – 

Time After Time by Electric Light Orchestra – 

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