New, forgotten, unknown 7/24/15 – New music Friday

Wow, thanks for all the follows. Musicians, writers, everyone else. I really appreciate it. I pray that you are reading my blogs and getting something from them. Here are some new musician followers. I really like getting to know these artists songs. I had only heard of one of these and thats Ken K. Mary who was the drummer for House of Lords amongst others. The rest are new to me. Enjoy. There are some really talented musicians here that I never would’ve heard of if it wasn’t for social media. I know there are a lot on here but take your time, give each a listen.  If you could please spread the word about our song at the bottom.  Thanks

Remember My Name by House of Lords – Ken K. Mary drummer – 

Love Me So by The Anthropos Worship- 

Halfway by 3for3 – 

Take Me Home by Lancifer – 

Like Him by B-Fade – 

Light It Up by Liv Devine – 

Last Criminal by Shaynae Leigh – 

A Whole Lotta Nothin’ by Rachele Lynae – 

Let’s Roll by Arabella Jones – 

We’re Gonna Take A Ride by Distant Autumn – 

We Should Get Together by Kelly Vaughn – 

Go Hard by MadeSacred – check out this link for his music

All I Ever Need by Levi Mitchell (Austin Mahone cover) – 

Down The Line by Codie Prevost –  

Drifting by Jacob LLoyd – 

Too Close For Comfort by Peace Mercutio (Dan Buckley) – 

Country Song by Bryan Schaffer – 

Raise Me Up by Daniel George – 

I Got Caught Lovin’ You by J.R. Byrd – 

Chasing Rainbows by 3CK – 

Ozga – check out link

Walk With Me by Ivan B (produced by Kevin Peterson) – 

and as always, please share our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

Now on i tunes :

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