What I Did Over Summer Break- August

We took a two day trip to Chicago. We went to Firehouse 51 where they film parts of Chicago Fire. It is one of Kylie’s favorite shows and a total surprise for her.

The main reason we went was to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. The Cubs Are Kylie’s favorite team and I have always wanted to go to Wrigley. Of course, you have to have a Chicago dog.

It was an exciting game.  The Cubs were winning 5-2 in the 8th inning.  A lot of the fans left and Kylie and I snuck up to the field seats.  We watched the last inning from nine rows from the field.   The Padres came back in the top of the ninth and made it 5-4.  Baez had to throw out a runner at the plate to keep it from being tied and the Cubs won.IMG_1447.jpg

Kylie wanted to go see “the bean.” I think she was almost as excited to see it as she was the Cubs.

Oh by the way, Kim rode the train with us from our hotel to Wrigley then she ran down Addison Street to Lakefront Trail and ran all the way to the Navy Pier and back to our hotel while we were at the game. Almost ten miles. She enjoyed running someplace new and enjoyed the time alone until we got back from the game.

That evening we went to the Navy Pier. The next day we took a bike ride down the Lakefront Trail before we headed back to Ohio.

Kylie started her cross country season and ran a race supporting the team. She finished four minutes faster this year than last year for this same 5k.

She starts her last year of middle school tomorrow and turned 13 yesterday so big things in store for her.

Enjoy the pics.

Go Cubs Go-  

Summer Water by Michael Ray  – 

Wasted Time by Keith Urban –  

What I Did Over Summer- July

July really started off at the end of June I guess you could say. Kim’s brother lives in a community that has their own firework show. They live on the 18th green and that is where they let the fireworks off so we had an up close look at them. Kylie took pictures for me. I love the ones with the firefighters in them with the tree.

Kim’s family were in from all over so we had a family reunion of sorts.

I also started writing a novel. I think I have a good story line and characters but I only about five thousand words in so have at least fifty five thousand more to go. There is the problem. I am not good in real life with filler words and small talk and dialogue but now I have to figure out how to do that in a novel. I am much better at short, to the point conversations, not in depth, long, descriptive conversations so wish me luck.

We went to Botkins, Ohio, and saw Jeremy Camp in concert with Matthew West, Rend Collective, and Koryn Hawthorne. It was my second time seeing Rend Collective, they are full of energy. It was my first time seeing Matthew West and he was really good. Jeremy put on a great show as always.

We talked to Leif and Kim had Jeremy sign her second Boston Marathon medal.

Word Of Life by Jeremy  Camp –  

Beautiful Things We Miss by Matthew West – 

Counting Every Blessing by Rend Collective – 

Won’t He Do It by Koryn Hawthorne – 

What I Did Over Summer- June

I feel like I have not written in a long time, probably because I haven’t. I haven’t even really done anything but busy summer things. I feel like I have missed out on a lot of good writing, stories, lessons, poems etc. from all of you and for that, I must apologize.

June started off hot and sunny for the most part. Basically, we spent a lot of time outdoors and at the pool.

The big hit of June was going to Cincinnati and seeing Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Jon Pardi, and Morgan Wallen in concert. We stopped in the way there and picked up Kayhla and saw the improvements they have done to their house.

And of course, I had a birthday.

June seemed to fly by and was over before I knew it.

Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset Repeat by Luke Bryan – 

Downtown’s Dead by Sam Hunt- 

She Ain’t In It by Jon Pardi- 

Up Down by Morgan Wallen –