Sorry, Been Busy

Sorry, been busy with these cuties and have not been able to write or read many posts lately. It is very time consuming taking care of seven puppies. In two days, they will go to their forever homes and it will be sad day for us but after a day or two of sadness and missing them, life will get back to normal.

My lovely wife takes care of most of the feeding and cleaning, I get to spend my time playing with them. We usually try to get them out of their pen two or three times a day for the last few weeks since they are older and more active. Luckily, we have had some warmer weather the last few days and have been able to get them outside. They love being outside and having all the space to run and explore.

A New Family Member

Sorry for my absence the last few weeks.  We have a new family member that I believe s is up more during the night than our daughters ever were, or maybe I am just older and have a harder time getting up in middle of night.  A bundle of energy she is. Her name is Miggy. She is just a little over four months old now.

Anyway,  I will be posting all my Halloween themed posts I have posted in the past this next 9 days or so and I might be able to sneak a new one or two in there.