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Someday, maybe tomorrow, I would say

As soon as a few spare minutes come my way

Someday, maybe tomorrow, but never today

I will tell her what she means to me

Someday, perhaps, in the coming week

Yes, that’s when these words I will speak

I’ll take her dancing and when we’re cheek to cheek

I’ll hold her tight and tell her what she means to me

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Someday, maybe in the next month or two

Maybe early morning while the coffee brews

They say time flies and those months flew

by without me telling her what she means to me

Maybe next year, maybe next season

There’s no rhyme or reason

Why I can’t tell her what I’m feelin’

Someday, someday soon I’ll tell her what she means to me

I now realize a little too late

As I am staring at her grave

That someday never came

I hope she knew how much she meant to me

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