My Week At Work -Every Day This Week

Sorry, I was going to post more this week but this has been a week from Hades.

Anyone else have a crazy week?

Where you walk in the door to this:

A tornado outbreak killed 64 people in Pennsylvania 35 years ago. We still  know terrifyingly little about the storms.

Then as soon as that passes you get this:

Hurricane Categories: What Categories 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Mean | Time

Then that passes and you are left with this:

Floods in Jakarta - Wikipedia

Then your eyes turn yellow from having to use the bathroom so bad but you can’t get out of your chair to do it.

Then you eat lunch at your desk so you can try to stay caught up and this:

Quick stain removal without washing - Insider

Then this happens:

Are You Ready for a Wildfire? | Via

Followed by this:

Japan's secret war and the atomic bomb - Asia Times

Then you look like this:

Pulling my hair out (2:51am - 15.12.06) | Its been an overwh… | Flickr

Then on drive home get stuck behind this:

6 of the Worst Car Accidents in Recent U.S. History | Mental Floss

But hey, it is Friday, what else could go wrong.

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