Class of ‘23, You And Me

Kylie and I were driving to Florida for spring break and while she was driving, I looked at her and these words started pouring into my mind.

Yes, these kids have had good times and lots of good memories, but these kids have had to deal with more than any kid should have to deal with. According to National Institute Of Mental Health, 31.9% of teenagers this year have some sort of anxiety disorder (38% female, 26.1% male).

Talk to your children. Plant the seeds that you are there for them and they are not alone. They may resist, but the seeds will be sown.

Graduation day, closing out our senior year

I try to smile but can’t help to shed some tears

We had good times but I remember those not here

There’s Jenny who was bullied in 7th grade

Took her life the very next day

Tom and Sarah who didn’t believe they had something to say

8th grade was the last time they were alive

9th grade was Julie who thought it was better to die

Than live through the rumors of her having sex that Friday night

Corbin died of COVID, cancer took Brandon home

That was in 10th and for awhile I felt isolated and alone

I started to wonder if anyone is truly ever known

Then 2021 we went back to school but then there was a school shooting then another

In a school a few miles away, I lost five friends who ran but didn’t make cover

There are things you can heal from and then there are things you can’t recover

Those two years took a lot from me, I kept silent when I had words to say

Some days I felt alive, others I didn’t want to stay awake

Then eight weeks ago a drunk driver didn’t hit the brakes

Killed my best friend and her family driving on one last family trip

I’m mad, sad, confused, losing my grip

A valedictorian should show leadership

But I’m standing in front of the crowd

It’s so quiet, won’t anyone make a sound ?

My tears start to come and my heart pounds

I try to gather myself because that’s what I’m expected to do

And I think can anyone else see what I’m going through

Do they know how much this hurts losing them, losing you ?

It was one last trip to the beach

Friends forever, you and me

Roommates at Ohio University

I look out again at the crowd and step away

I can’t do this today, or any day

I scream to release the pain

It was supposed to be you and me

The best of the best of the class of ‘23

You are a part of me, you’ll never be only a memory

Time For Flowers by Emily Scott Robinson-

Glitter by Patrick Droney-

Matthew by Elijah Woods –


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