Winning The War

Life's Battle: Good vs. Evil & Jus In Bello theory | Still Searching For  The Truth

You may be winning the battle

But you won’t win the war

Our country you’re trying to dismantle

But we’ve been here before

These times have darkened my heart

And they’ve depressed my soul

But I know hope isn’t that far

When I remember love is my goal

Tear me down, beat me up

Keep telling me lies

When you think you’ve done enough

I’ll hold my head high

30 Powerful Sun Tzu Quotes About The Art Of War | Inspirationfeed

In the end I won’t be beat

For now, keep thinking you’ll win

You’ll go down in defeat

Like you’ve done time and time again

Sitting pretty in your castle

That’s me knocking on your door

You can win this battle

But you won’t be winning this war

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